Athletics Ireland is pleased to announce an International Half Marathon opportunity for 2022. Recognising the importance of continuing to develop half marathon and marathon athletes that can compete at Global and European Championship Athletics Ireland will field a team to compete against other international teams in the Antrim Coast Half Marathon. The fixture will incorporate an International team element with teams from Northern Ireland and Ulster, and England, as well as a strong field of elite internationals from other nations. The selection of an Irish team to compete will be used as an opportunity for athletes to increase their experience of International level competition and an International team competition environment.


We are aiming for a successful outcome both in terms of a) final team and individual performances which should be reflective of

Ireland’s strong tradition in road running, and b) making a positive contribution to individual athlete development of athletes capable of competing at Global and European marathon and half marathon championships in the future. We will aim to select full teams as described below:

  • Irish Women’s Team (4 athletes)
  • Irish Men’s Team (4 athletes)


  1. Whilst Athletics Ireland will endeavour to send full teams to this event, nothing in the policy obliges Athletics Ireland to select a full contingent of athletes for the teams. A full complement of athletes will only be selected if athletes that have run inside the minimum standards listed in section 1.4 for half marathon or other endurance events make themselves available for selection.


  1. In order to be eligible for selection all athletes must:
    1. Complete the National team declaration form and the Antrim Coast HM Irish Team Declaration of interest form prior to 24th July and contact the National Endurance Coordinator with any updates after the form is submitted.
    1. Satisfy all World Athletics eligibility and nationality participation rules.
    1. Be a registered member of Athletics Ireland.
    1. Remain in “good standing” with Athletics Ireland and at all times comply with any established code of conduct or athlete agreement and otherwise conduct themselves in a way that does not bring their sport or the National Team into disrepute.
    1. Selected athletes will be asked to complete the European athletics Irunclean online program.
    1. To facilitate meaningful competition involving a Northern Ireland and Ulster team in addition to the Irish team, athletes offered selection for the Ulster and Northern Ireland team will not be selected for the Irish team for this competition.

Performance Standards

  1. Given the standard of the elite only fields for this event, athletes will only be considered for the Irish team if they have run inside the minimum standards in section 3 of this document.

Performance Period

  1. Selection will be based on the performance(s) from January 1st 2021 to July 24th 2022.

General Selection Criteria

  1. Selections are at the sole discretion of the National Endurance Coordinator and will be based upon, but not necessarily limited to, the following general principles:

A. Consistency and repeatability of performances during the performance period, showing current form and fitness B.Statistical data(ranking/performance list, performance-time curves)

C.Performance history, in particular, indications of the potential of the athlete to compete for Ireland in future International Championships over the half marathon or marathon distances.

D.The competitive head to head record of each athlete E.Injury and illness history

1.6     Selection Queries

Athletes can seek clarification regarding selection and/or requirements regarding what they need to do to meet selection requirements from the National Endurance Coordinator .


  • The criteria may be amended at any time by the Directors of Athletics Ireland if Athletics Ireland is of the opinion that such amendment is necessary in the best interests of Athletics Ireland or as a result of any change in participation rules and/or guidelines. Any amendment to the criteria will be published on the Athletics Ireland website.


  • At a minimum, selected athletes will be provided with competition singlet and shorts or equivalent. N.B Those that have previously received Joma Irish team kit will wear that gear and will not receive a new set of gear.


  • Following selections substitutions may be made in the event of an athlete being sick or injured & unable to compete and this will be at the discretion of the National Endurance Coordinator.


  • No non-selection appeals will be considered for this development event.

Notification of Selection:

  • Selection will be announced by 27th July 2022. NB: Entry to the elite field for this event is very limited but athletes not selected may wish to contact the race director, James McIlroy, to see if they can be considered for a place in the event that they are not selected.

Accommodation and travel:

  • Selected athletes will be provided with accommodation by the race organisers for the night before and after the race. Athletes will be expected to come into that team environment on the evening of Saturday 27th  August. Athletes will be expected to make their own arrangements for travel to the team hotel but the organisers will provide a contribution to each athlete towards travel and other costs.

3     Minimum standards for selection consideration

10 000 m35:00.0030:30.00
10 km road34:4030:10
10 miles57:3050:00
Half Marathon1:18:001:07:00